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mĀORI culture:

The journey of reclamation

Tongariro National Park - Photograph by Rath Prak

Waima De Souza - MODE Magazine


May 1, 2022

As a young girl, I was taught to cherish my language and culture as they are ornaments of grace.


The mother tongue that I am privileged to obtain is an oral heirloom that was sourced in a higher vibrational realm and has been preserved by the generations of extraordinary women and men who have walked this Earth in a sacred binary complementary relationship with the natural world.

Waima De Souza - MODE Magazine

Photos courtesy of Waimā De Souza

Waima De Souza - MODE Magazine

Embedded within the fundamental weaving of Māori culture is the infinite wisdom of life-force sustainability however, due to the devastating impact of colonization in Aotearoa, our social structures of living, ancient wisdom, trades, traditions, protocols, lores, rites, and natural ecologies have declined in existence alongside our bloodlines and craft. 


As a child, I was fortunate to be raised in Hokianga where my family plays a significant role as Ahi Kaa members living in alignment with our sovereign governance under He Whakaputanga and Te Wakaminenga.

The reclamation journey of Māori cultural traditions and values has been a dominant feature of my lifetime and it is an important aspect of my life that brings enlightenment.


Waima De Souza - MODE Magazine
Waima De Souza - MODE Magazine

Today, we see an uprising of reclamation within indigenous communities all over the globe and it is a special time in history where we can celebrate and experience each other in mergence with the same intentions of collective manifestations and healing.


We are reclaiming our birthrights and power. We are opening many doors of opportunities regarding inclusivity and representation within the industries that were created to marginalize us. As we reclaim our sense of identity and purpose, we are also being called to adapt to the spiral of time and space around us. It is a beautiful time to be alive and a beautiful time to share our cultural enrichment.



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