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Photos by Ivana Micic

known for her captivating fashion PHOTOGRAPHY, CAPTURED around the world - meet the coolest Serbian Photographer; Ivana Micic

Ivana Micic - MODE Magazine
Ivana Micic - MODE Magazine

Where is your favourite place to capture your photographs?

My absolute favourite places are Ueno and Yokohama, but I also really love Belgrade and London (only recently discovered).

What sort of opportunities do you undertake?

In the past it was much more diverse, but for the past couple of years it entails commercial and editorial photography the most. I sometimes say yes to bridals.

What is your biggest inspiration as a photographer?

Definitely clothes as well as the models themselves. They are such inspiring people. Places with a special feel can really inspire me since I love location shoots the most, and of course sunlight. I am not a really big fan of morning sunlight but late evening sun in Europe inspires me the most.

Ivana Micic - MODE Magazine

Can you tell me a little bit about where you’re from and where you grew up?

I am from Serbia, from a smaller town in central Serbia with about 80k people. I lived there before I moved to the capital at 18 to study at university.

What was your first exposure to photography and what led you to further pursue it?

My first exposure to photography was my aunt & uncle's photo store and I was always curious about their work growing up. I also had a very interesting experience with video when little. I used to be very shy and I was very uncomfortable at cousin's birthday party due to so many people being there.


My cousin handed me a video camera to entertain me and calm me down and it worked like a charm. I was recording the whole party and actually opening up to the people I was filming. Aunt and uncle would per my request buy me small cameras for birthdays etc and I loved to experiment with those cameras with different subjects.

Ivana Micic - MODE Magazine

Could you share with us the most rewarding experience you have had or a career highlight!

I have had too many unforgettable and rewarding moments, but the ones I cherish the most are the accidental meets I had thanks to my line of work. I recently bumped into a very dear friend on the streets of London, and last time we'd seen each other was in Tokyo when I took photos of him for his men's fashion blog. It is absolutely crazy.

What was the most difficult or awkward experience you endured as a photographer?

The most difficult and awkward experiences for me were at the very beginning I think, when I would join in on several sets as help and realize how much actual work there is on set and how much more I need to learn, which was a difficult pill to swallow and also very encouraging and inspiring.

Ivana Micic - MODE Magazine

What is something you wish people knew about you as a photographer or about photography in general?

I wish people would know that I started doing this not knowing much about technical things, but you learn as you practice so I just wish I'd had the courage to try out different setups from the very beginning.

Aside from your camera what is other crucial or essential equipment you use to create your work?

Another crucial part of my equipment is my laptop monitor, since I shoot tethered my whole team is able to see the images and help make everything perfect. Another essential part to my work is my team and how we gather together to make something that we envisioned. Indispensable.

Ivana Micic - MODE Magazine
Ivana Micic - MODE Magazine

10. Do you have any words of advice for aspiring or up & coming photographers?

For aspiring photographers I would say that the most important thing is to train the eye first and foremost, refine the taste, be specific about what they like or don't like. Envision an ideal set and people there with you helping you make your vision happen. And then go do just that without overthinking!

Ivana Micic - MODE Magazine
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