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Editor's Letter

editor's letter

If someone had told me back in 2017 when I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications at Massey University, that I would actually utilise my degree majoring in journalism; in any way shape or form - I would’ve never believed it. 


Being the editor of a magazine is something I dreamt of as a teenager, however opportunities never arose after I graduated, despite my many efforts. I suppose that sometimes it’s about who you know. Being a Zimbabwean immigrant in Aotearoa; I’ve had to make new connections in the film and fashion industries and Aotearoa is the best place for dream chasers. So here we are; building and opening doors of opportunity with the first issue of MODE Magazine. 


The meaning of MODE in various languages encapsulates what this magazine will showcase. Mode in English means “a way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done.” In French, Mode means fashion and style. It also means the same in Italian; la moda. 

MODE Magazine will showcase all things lifestyle in Aotearoa and beyond. Branching off NOIR The Agency; MODE will have a strong focus on diversity, inclusion and sharing the perspectives of those our society often disregard or ignore. The perspectives of people like myself; people who are ready to share themselves with the world. 


Our first issue covers the topic of Culture; with our contributors sharing how they relate to the ideology of Culture and interviews with diverse individuals from around the world. We have Waimā De Souza detailing on the uprising of Māori culture, Sanele Ngubane who shared her experiences around diet culture and Alexander McLennaghan aka Chai who expressed his thoughts on Queer Culture in relation to its representation in New Zealand media. Hannah Moritz also shared how Kiwis perceive Jewish culture, Kiwi Artist ZER delved into graffiti culture and Shivangi Sahni elaborated on cultural weddings and how they are changing in India and abroad. 


In discussing various forms of culture; we often as a society neglect to discuss the effects of cancel culture. As of the 10th of May (GMT), we have an exclusive interview to share featuring Nahko from Nahko & Medicine For The People. Nahko discusses his life in the last 2 years; in light of experiencing cancel culture and more. 


We also have some cool photo shoots to share and exclusive interviews with photographers, New Zealand fashion designers; Cecilia Kang of Cecilia Kang Couture and Louise Sly of Sly and Company, musicians and more in Aotearoa and beyond - so get into it!


Chichi Nyangoni


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